Wednesday, September 22th, 2021

What stops firms from boosting their performance?

Michael Beer, Emeritus Professor at Harvard Business School, reveals the most common barriers stopping firms from achieving high performance.
"There are 6 common barriers that tend to arise in companies that are having performance difficulties," says the author of 'High Commitment, High Performance: How to Build a resilient Organization for Sustained Advantage'. "These silent killers are always lurking unseen but when there is a change in strategy, that is when they come to the fore -- forcing companies to overcome them if they are to boost performance."

An ineffective senior team, an unclear strategy, conflicting priorities, low trust among teams and a hands-off leadership style are some of the barriers that dent corporate performance.

Michael Beer presented his latest research results at the ESADE Research Day. Watch the video interview to learn the keys to improve your team's effectiveness and boost your business performance.